Hortulus offers a premium garden maintenance service for our clients from Oak Beach to Wonga Beach. Our staff are trained horticulturists able to deal with plant pest & diseases, nutrition and irrigation requirements for your plants. We implement a yearly programme of fertilising, mulching, prunning and plan replacement, if required, and expect that our clients are keen to work with us on these key elements of maintaining a great garden.

Good maintenance starts with design, and in established gardens we can work with you to simplify the planting for ease of maintenance whilst still providing feature plants in the correct position to maximise the impact of the landscape. Gardens are long term assets and need constant inputs to allow this asset to be realised at any particular point in time.

 If you are keen to maintain your garden, we are happy to provide a consultation service, to encourage you in the right direction. In this we can provide advice on soils, nutrition, watering and plant composition. It generally requires about 2 hours of your time and you can take notes and our consultantts can provide any sketches to help get you motivated.